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Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) is a token built off the ERC-20 Ethereum framework that provides a direct financial incentive to promote and accelerate environmental cleanup of negatively-impacted lands from the fossil fuel industry while also creating new well-paying environmental jobs in hard hit communities.
LBX is the first ever market-based program that incentivizes people to clean up environmental impact and restore the land from the fossil fuel industry. The LBX market value and LBX Token Issuance Process has been established to reflect the efficient market and demand for restoring the land from impacted properties. On the secondary market, the higher the value of the LBX, the greater the financial incentive for people to clean up the environment.
As the value of LBX increases, there will be an inflection point where it becomes more valuable for companies to shut-down the remaining fossil fuel activities and transition their workforce to environmental clean up. 

Token Application

If you have the contractual right to reclaim fossil fuel and/or related properties and would like to apply to receive LBX tokens for your environmental work, please click on the application to sign up!


  1. Founders made their first investment into the eastern Kentucky and rural Texas communities.   

  2. Financial crisis hits leading to a multi year downturn in the fossil fuel industry resulting in bankruptcies, layoffs and abandon environmental harm.

  3. Founders began acquiring defunct mining operations and reclaiming irrational sites that littered the communities with environmental harm. 

  4. Founder surpass the $20 million mark of environmental bond releases from acquired properties. 

  5. Fossil fuel industries second significant downturn was taking shape leading to massive unemployment and abandon environmental harm.

  6. Land Betterment Corporation was incorporated to further the sustainable development and environmental focus in the region. 

  7. Land Betterment begins work on its first LEED certified project. 

  8. LBX receives first commitment from an eCommerce partner to accept LBX as a form of payment to support their ESG goals.  

  9. The LBX is live!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Highlights you need to know to maximize the benefits of LBX.
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The LBX token issuance process was designed based on 18 years of experience and knowledge of the process needed to reclaim former fossil fuel sites.  Land Betterment Corporation has created an auditable and verifiable process that only rewards actual environmental work while combining state regulatory processes based on the release of environmental surety bonds. 

Yes, Land Betterment Corporation would be happy to connect sponsors to environmental consultants, that hire locally, for environmental work to be sponsored.  Post introduction it would be up to the sponsor and the environmental consultants to come to a financial arrangement on the token split.  

Yes, the Land Betterment Exchange Token Issuance Process was designed to identify specific acreage and environmental values that will be achieved through the environmental cleanup process.  This process was designed to take the uncertainty out of the process while streamlining the procedures of achieving the offset so that it does not get bogged down in the legal process.

No, LBX is strictly focused on rewarding environmental progress.  Land Betterment Corporation is our exclusive token issuance partner that has been engaged to manage and audit the process. Owning LBX tokens does not represent any ownership of Land Betterment Corporation.   

There is a nonrefundable deposit that is associated with each application payable to Land Betterment Corporation paid in USD.  There is also a 7.5% success fee upon token issuances paid by the Applicant to Land Betterment Corporation in the form of LBX tokens.

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